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20 ways to annoy Inuyasha
1. Yell, "Look its Kouga!" then laugh when he looks.
2. Call him kitty man (^_^)
3. Constantly try to play with his ears.
4. Tell him you "accidentally" handed the Tetsaiga over to Sesshoumaru.
5. Play "keep away" with tetseiga.
6. Pants him (hehehe)
7. ...then ask him why he doesn't have a tail
8. Try to get him to do tricks for "treats".
9. Throw a stick and tell him to fetch.
10. Stare at him (he seems to hate when people do that).
11. Whistle when you call him.
12. Tell him "Due to economy...Kagome can't bring you anymore ramen...ever."
13. While he's asleep scream "Oh my god!!!! its Naraku!"
14. While he's fighting (with whomever), glomp him.
15. While he's asleep (again) spike his hair.
16. Disagree with EVERYTHING he says.
17. Sing "who let the dogs out"
18. When he's unconscious paint his claws...scary colors. (I would paint them hot pink and neon yellow)
19. Force him to dance with you.
20. Whenever he mentions Kikyo make disgusting gagging noises (*choke*…*gag*…*throwing up s
:iconfoxgoddessprincess:FoxGoddessPrincess 55 21
20 ways to annoy Miroku
1. Ask him how babies are made.
2. ..When and if he explains, look mortified and cry.
3. When he asks you to bear his child (that is if you're female) laugh in his face.
4. ..Proceed by looking shocked and asking "Oh! You were serious?! Oops."
5. Point in a random direction and say "Look naked women!!!!!"
6. Ask him why he wears a dress...when he answers, ask again.
7. While he's sleeping (She starts a lot of these with those words) give him a makeover.
8. While he's in the hot springs steal his clothes.
9. ..for a good laugh leave him only Kagome's skirt.
10. Tell him you know Inuyasha wouldn't mind bearing his child (chuckles evilly)
11. After he gropes someone and gets slapped, look at his cursed hand and say "Maybe Naraku had the right idea."
12. Sing "Miroku and Sango sittin' in a tree..."
13. Tell him you think his staff is he must be compensating for something.
14. Accuse him of being gay....insist his womanizing must be a cover-up.
15. Tell him the wind tunnel doesn'
:iconfoxgoddessprincess:FoxGoddessPrincess 46 13
20 ways to annoy Kouga
1. Tell him Inuyasha called him a b!#(& and say you agree.
2. Tell him Kagome called him a b!#(& and laugh.
3. Point down and tell him you like his skirt.
4. When he battles say he's good but Inuyasha is sooo much better.
5. Whenever you see him howl like a wolf.
6. Accuse him of having a crush on Inuyasha because he visits so often.
7. ..When he retaliates by saying he only comes for Kagome nod and say "Yeah... riiiiight."
8. Drag him around by his tail (Isn't it cute?).
9. Inform him that Kagome is having Inuyasha's children (*snicker*)
10. Inform him that Kagome is having Miroku's children (Poor Miroku… he'll never know what HIT him).
11. Say, "oh my god Kagome died!!!"
12. Show up at the wolf's den and make yourself at home.
13. ..Then tell him that since your "Kagome's friend" he can't do nothing about it :p
14. Say, "Sooo...what do you wear under your skirt?" (Hehehe)
15. Dress up like Kagome and flirt like mad with him.
16. Dress Ayame up like Kagome and tell her to flirt like m
:iconfoxgoddessprincess:FoxGoddessPrincess 75 22
20 ways to annoy Kikyo
1.Look at her and say, "I see dead people" (Ok not very original ^_^)
2. Poke her with a stick and say "Are you dead yet, how 'bout now?"
3. Sing "Inuyasha and Kagome sittin' in a tree..."
4. Just happen to mention that Kagome is so great every minute.
5. Sarcastically give her around of applause for "protecting the Shikon jewel"
6. Say "It's cold out..." then look at Kikyo and say "Oh, that's why."
7. Say "It's cold out"....then look at Kikyo and say "Speaking of cold."
8.Walk up to her and say, "So how's being dead working for ya?"
9. Walk up to her and say, "So you're what started the ice-age...and all those poor dinosaurs!"
10. ..Then look over at Inuyasha and back to her and say, "Isn't anything good enough for you?"
11. Point out that you have a soul but she can't have it.
12. Point and say "Look its Naraku, your love monkey!"(Wow she made fun of two people in that)
13. Tell her "You know Kagome has a much better chance with Inuyasha"
14. ...Then say "you should lower your standa
:iconfoxgoddessprincess:FoxGoddessPrincess 49 10
20 ways to annoy Naraku
1. Shove your shoe in his face and ask if there's poo on it.
2. Wear his baboon cape and say "I'm Naraku be afraid, nah!" in stupid voice.
3. Poke him in the eye, claim you found an eye lash and tell him to make a wish.
4. When he's in his "deep thought mood" sing annoying songs to ruin it ^_^.
5. Constantly play with his hair.
6. While he's sleeping, knock on his door screaming "wake up!" then run away.
7. Make sound effects to whatever he does.
8. Make monkey noises when he's wearing his cape.
9. Keep taking his baboon cape.
10. For that matter steal all his clothes.
11. ..Then wear them saying that their yours and you bought them at Wal-Mart.
12. Repeatedly ask him why he doesn't have a sword.
13.....point out that anyone that has a sword is cool...but he doesn't have one :p
14.Make faces at him.
15.Call him chuckles (kukukuku).
16.Make fun of his laugh.
17.Dress his wooden puppets in Barbie clothes.
18. Imitate him overdramatically (sound familiar?)
19.When he tries to command you
:iconfoxgoddessprincess:FoxGoddessPrincess 78 21
20 ways to annoy Kagome
1. Make fun of her school uniform as she is never in school.
2. Call her over by saying, "Hey Kik...I mean Kagome!"
3. Tell her she can't be around anyone because of her random diseases. (*snicker* Kagome=diseases, No Kagome=No Inuyasha)
4. Invite Kikyo over for a "visit". (GO KIKYO!! KICK HER...Erm...BUTT!!)
5. Talk about Inuyasha and Kikyo's relationship and how they're "meant to be". (*snicker*...*wink wink*)
6. Numerously mention the incident where she broke the shikon jewel. (And then she'll flip and kick your.........Butt...)
7...Suggestively point out its all her fault. (It's so true though...)
8. Say this when Inuyasha is around, "So I heard you and Hojo are going on a date", even though it's not true. (Laughs evilly)
9. Ask her if she tapes her skirt to herself as it never moves! (Honestly does anyone else notice this? I think she uses duct tape or something)
10. Yell, "Kagome!! I accidentally blew up the well!...Do you mind?" (Eh...She would not be able to get home...That's n
:iconfoxgoddessprincess:FoxGoddessPrincess 39 24
Nika by FoxGoddessPrincess Nika :iconfoxgoddessprincess:FoxGoddessPrincess 0 0 Christmas Cat Girl by FoxGoddessPrincess Christmas Cat Girl :iconfoxgoddessprincess:FoxGoddessPrincess 1 2 Demon Elf by FoxGoddessPrincess Demon Elf :iconfoxgoddessprincess:FoxGoddessPrincess 0 0

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